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50 Sexy Music Videos [2]

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Νο 40: Britney Spears - Womanizer

Britney's comeback single after a fateful few years was worth the wait: with the hottest intro to any video we’ve seen in a long time (Spears lying stark naked on a steaming bench) and a variety of hot little outfits and wigs, Britney once again increased men's heart rates across the world.

Best Bit: Opening scene in sauna (0:01)

Νο 39: Benny Benassi - Satisfaction

Scantily clad, oiled-up women doing DIY. It's a long way from your average Saturday morning at Home Depot. Seductively sanding, or bent over banging in nails, or flesh bouncing all over the place while using a pneumatic drill, it's all good. Just a shame they forgot their helmets. Health and safety, ladies!

Best Bit: A pan of peachy cheeks, as a row of asses bounce up and down to the beat of the pneumatic drill (1:56)

Νο 38: The White Stripes - I Just Don't Know

We can only think of one thing to do with ourselves when watching this... Kate Moss. Pole dancing. In black and white. Wearing very little indeed. Need we say more?

Best Bit: Moss showing her pole-dancing skills (1:41)

Νο 37: MVP - Roc Ya Body

This clip surely holds the record for the highest number of hot bikini-clad females in any music video. They're everywhere! Brunette, blonde, ginge, black, white, Asian, small boobs, big boobs all clapping and dancing to MVP's beat. Boing boing!

Best Bit: MVP opens a gate to reveal a shedload of desert island beauties, wearing nothing but bikinis (1:12)

Νο 36: Nelly & Justin Timberlake - Work It

After having an argument over how to trim bushes (naked or strip?!) Nelly and JT let a runaway lawn mower mow down the hedge to next door's garden. Conveniently, this reveals a Playboy mansion garden party. Nelly and JT look like they had as much fun making this video as we do watching it. Look out for a cameo appearance from the Hef himself.

Best Bit: Several of the playboy playmates partake in a game of tennis... Oops... My bra popped off! (1:43)

Νο 35: George Michael - Too Funky

Would you like me to seduce you? Linda, Tyra, Emma and Nadja, please go ahead. Featuring a host of 90s supermodels on a catwalk wearing next to nothing, this is too sexy.

Best Bit: Close up of one of the supermodels washing a mudpack off her body and paying careful attetnion to her pert breasts (1:54)

Νο 34: Nelly - Tip Drill

The gist - Nelly and his buddieses have the ultimate house party. Lots of girls, very little clothing. Luckily, we get to watch

Best Bit: Serious girl on girl on girl! (5:03)

Νο 33: DJ Porny - Je T'Aime Porny

"If you like pussy put your hands in the air!" proclaims the classily-named DJ Porny in this video. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he could be talking about the innocent love between a man and his cat, but a video featuring porn stars dressed in bikinis and knee-high socks suggests that this interpretation of the lyrics would be misguided.

Best Bit: Two girls make a splash in the pool (0:43)

Νο 32: Motley Crue - Girls Girls Girls

Pammy's ex and his gang were a naughty bunch. Shot at the Seventh Veil Strip Club in Califorina, this clip was unsurprisingly banned from MTV. Being stip club connoisseurs, the track references several other nudity emporiums, including The Body Shop on Sunset Strip, and the infamous Crazy Horse in Paris.

Best Bit: Barely clothed stripper tackles Tommy Lee to the floor and dry humps him (1:59)

Νο 31: Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss

Holly's got the perfect body and has a lot opportunities to show it off in several different outfits, and eventurally in no outfit at all, with just a few well placed lens flares protecting her dignity.

Best Bit: At the very start when Holly puckers up... MWAH! (0:04)

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