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50 Sexy Music Videos [1]

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No 50: Sunblock - I'll Be Ready

Oh Pam. Oh Nicole. Oh Erika. Oh Nicole. Oh Gena. Why did Baywatch have to go?! This parody features a bevy of big-busted beauties on the beach, dressed in skimpy red swimming costumes, filing their nails, ruining sandcastles, and generally running amuck in slow mo.

Best Bit: Hot girls wash a yellow Ferrari, wearing very little (2:23)

No 49: Michael Jackson - In The Closet

This song was Jackson's way of silencing the critics who questioned his sexuality, despite its title suggesting that he had something to hide. In typically understated fashion, he hired supermodel Naomi Campbell as his dancing partner to quash the rumors. The jury is out on Wacko, but Naomi more than lives up to her nickname, Black Panther, in this clip. Grrrrrr!

Best Bit: Naomi slowly moving her hands from her breasts up her neck as Michael dribbles (0:24)

No 48: Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler

What seems to be an innocent game of all-female Chinese whispers soon turns into a circle snog fest. As the camera pans, the girl-on-girl action gets more full-on. Licking of ear 'oles (lets hope they were clean), biting chins (difficult) and the odd booby grope, over the sexy beats of this track.

Best Bit: When you realize this isn't just any old game of Chinese Whispers (1:40)

No 47: Aerosmith - Crazy

This is a fine example of how to be sexy without getting your boobs out. Then-teenage Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone play two rebellious schoolgirls who bunk off school to go on a road trip. The clip sees the pair - who appear to be more than just good friends - using their good looks to get ahead, entering an amateur dance contest because they're broke, and skinny dipping in a pond with a farmer boy.

Best Bit: Liv writhes around on stage all the while looking seductively into Alicia's eyes (3:40)

No 46: Pussycat Dolls - Buttons

Damn those Dolls are sexy. The lead doll, Nicole Scherzinger, with her pillowy lips, sky-high legs and steamy curves flirts with Snoop Dogg and some beaded curtains.

Best Bit: Nicole Scherzinger chair dancing (2:01)

No 45: Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy

The lyrics to this song may be way too weird to comprehend ("I want you Daddy, I want you Mom / You’re my Daddy, come I’ll give it to you") but you can’t fault the lack of clothing.

Best Bit: When two women tongue-fight over the same scoop of ice cream (1:01)

No 44: Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl

A little bit of girl-on-girl can do wonders for your chart position. The divine Miss Perry is surrounded by hordes of gorgeous women in lingerie, as she sings to them about kissing a girl and tasting her "cherry chapstick". Excellent.

Best Bit: Miss Perry lying on pink satin sheets in a gold frock. (2:14)

No 43:Madonna - Erotica

Where to start? Directed by fashion photographer Fabien Baron and paying homage to Andy Warhol’s filmic style, Erotica was banned from television due to its explicit content. Bondage, girl-on-girl kisses with Naomi Campbell, and lots of topless girls frolicking in the sunshine makes for one sexy video.

Best Bit: Madonna's embrace with Campbell (1:42)

No 42: Kylie Minogue - Spinning Around

This disco number is made far more enjoyable by the sight Kylie writhing around on a bar in an infamous pair of tiny gold hot pants. We can't quite believe this clip didn't get her permanent custody of the Ass of The Year award.

Best Bit: Kylie, on bar with some trademark side-boob action. Nice (1:43)

No 41: Christina Aguilera - Dirrty

There really is something filthy about Christina Aguilera. Maybe it's the leather chaps, the nose piercing, the red-knicker flashing or the booty shaking? Whatever it is, we love it. Oh, and did we mention foxy boxing against another hot chick, with both wearing very little?

Best Bit: Aguilera in the ring baring her red knicks (1:26)

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