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50 Sexy Music Videos [4]

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Νο 20: Warrant - Cherry Pie

Featuring a sexy blonde who could possibly double as Pamela Anderson, and far too much of rubbish metal band Warrant, this track is a blatant paean to losing your virginity. The lyrics also reference the nightmare scenario of being caught at it by your girlfriend's Dad.

Best Bit: First glimpse of the 'sweet cherry pie' (0:15)

Νο 19: Christina Milian - Dip It Low

Christina knows how to tease. Red floor-length gowns, ample cleavage, lots of black latex and small panties make for a very enjoyable viewing.

Best Bit: Christina rolls around in black paint while crowds of beautiful people cheer her on. (2:28)

Νο 18: 50 Cent & JT - Ayo Technology

Possibly the least sexy-sounding title on our list, but it belies a veritable feast of filth in the music vid. Fiddy and Trousersnake can drive women wild by remote control technology – it's amazing! Featuring a plethora of talented strippers and Justin's own love interest, who looks like she's really enjoying her role...

Best Bit: Justin meeting up with his lusty stripper after teasing her from afar (2.57)

Νο 17: Zebrahead - Playmate of the Year

Any band knows they've hit the jackpot when they're allowed to film their videos at the Playboy Mansion, surrounded by a throng of silicon-enhanced beauties. We've not heard of Zebrahead outside of this clip, we can only assume they're still living it up in Hefner's garden.

Best Bit: Three gorgeous rumps under a waterfall (2:21)

Νο 16: Enrique Iglesias - Escape

Firstly, lets clear this up, Escape isn't anything to do with the disappearance of Enrique's mole. Featuring FHM favorite and - though we're extremely sad to say it - his real life girlfriend, Anna Kournikova.

Best Bit: Anna and Enrique get lost in a steamy clinch across a bathroom sink (ouch) until two security guards pull them apart and take Iglesias away (2:05)

Νο 15: Peran - We Want To Be Free

Car washing has never looked so appealing. A guy rocks up in his convertible, in the middle of the desert, and out of nowhere three stunning large-breasted women turn up to clean his car. One thing bothers us in this video... where did they find a tap in the middle of nowhere to connect the hose?!

Best Bit: When the bikini tops finally come off and the ladies cool off with the hose (3:06)

Νο 14: Add N to X - Plug Me In

Plug Me In is a voyeur's look at two porn actresses playing with a variety of sex toys (which they refer to as their 'best friends' – thanks), pillows, and each other, this is almost a bit too much. Most of Add N To X's videos have been sex-related, their previous song Metal Fingers In My Body features a cartoon lady having sex with a robot.

Best Bit: A Polaroid pic that's just been taken is placed by one girl onto the other's nether regions, before the camera cuts to a pert nipple (1:43)

Νο 13: Tatu - All The Things She Said

This video caused uproar across the world. People campaigned to have it banned from television, claiming it pandered to pedophiles with its use of school uniforms and young girls kissing. They might deny it, but there's not much that's sexier than lesbians kissing in the rain in school uniforms.

Best Bit: Going in for the kill - the first kiss (1:19)

Νο 12: Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction

Snoop is soooo porn. This clip is more comical than sexy but due to the title, Snoop's outrageous retro outfits and the fact that it looks just like 70s porn (without being too rude), we had to include it. The clip includes a cheeky homage to Prince's When Doves Cry video.

Best Bit: A vampish looking hot brunette waves her giant cape, whilst sporting thigh high PVC boots (1:37)

Νο 11: LL Cool J - Doin It

Ladies Love Cool James, seemingly. They certainly do in this vid, one announces in a sexy Bronx accent that she's gonna call him big Daddy and scream his name, and she can’t wait for his candy rain... No idea what that means.

Best Bit: Said sexy Bronx girl crawls across a white carpet, dressed in white, purring, "mmm Daddy slow down your flow" (0:53)

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