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50 Sexy Music Videos [5]

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Νο 10: Outkast - I Like The Way You Move

The video starts off like an adult version of Pimp My Ride with scantily clad lady mechanics doing lady's things to cars. It then flicks to various different scenes including an African safari, where all the lions and zebras have been replaced with women walking around the plains in little more than swimwear... Worth getting the binoculars out for!

Best Bit: Booty-shaking mechanic (throughout)

Νο 9: Señor Coconut - Da Da Da

Strange meets sexy in this rather quirky vision by Señor Coconut. If the man from Del Monté ever got bored of searching for that perfect mango and decided to open a string of lap dancing clubs then the end result would be quite similar to this video... In fact all that's missing here is his trade mark panama hat.

Best Bit: When the gorgeous devil woman pole dances with her trident (1.53)

Νο 8: Wreckz-N-Effect - Rumpshaker

This video took substantial criticism for its alleged exploitation of women, despite its seemingly fun setting on the beach. The New York Daily News referred to Wreckz-N-Effect as 'horny little rap kids', but Rump Shaker is also notable for featuring a verse written by a young Pharrell Williams. "All I wanna do is zoom-zoom-zoom-zoom and a boom-boom!"

Best Bit: A pan of the full complement of hot bikini-clad booties on the beach (2:08)

Νο 7: Jay-Z - I Just Wanna Love U

Jay-Z has mastered the hip-hop music video. Lots of shots of him smoking cigars, surrounded by gorgeous honeys in his posh pad, saying to the world: "I have money! And girls! And you don't!" What a bummer.

Best Bit: Topless girl running outside (0:55)

Νο 6: Mariah Carey - Touch My Body

Every IT boy's fantasy (not just the guy from 30 Rock) comes true in this clip. Arriving at Miss Carey's palatial home to find her wearing not much more than panties, bra, suspenders and a silk robe. Geeky teenagers across the world rejoice.

Best Bit: A close up of Carey’s heavenly bosom (2:03)

Νο 5: Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah

As the ludicrously sexy Luciana sings huskily to a room full of couples in a post-club chill-out scenario, the music starts to arouse the people in the room. Everyone is making out with everyone and there's lots of rubbing of crotches and fondling breasts.

Best Bit: Various scenes of excited girls fondling their breasts (1:44)

Νο 4: Kanye West - Touch The Sky

Any video starring Pamela Anderson has our vote. In this Evel Knievel-inspired clip, West gets it on with a white playsuit-clad Anderson while attempting to fly a rocket over a canyon. Who better to play the lead role than a woman whose boobs are as big as Kanye's ego?

Best Bit: Anderson and West sharing a passionate kiss (4:30)

Νο 3: Van Halen - Hot For Teacher

We've all fancied one of our teachers at some point. The fantasy would have been much improved if they'd looked like the dazzling educator stripping in this video.

Best Bit: "What do you think the teachers gonna look like this year?!" (1:43)

Νο 2: Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

The video which caused boys (and men) everywhere to fall in love with naughty schoolgirl Britney. With plaited hair, hitched up skirt, knee-high socks and an innocent smile, she set hearts (and loins) aflutter across the world.

Best Bit: Britney showing her gorgeous stomach in her school uniform (0:30)

Νο 1: Eric Prydz - Call On Me

There are few better ways to spend time than watching a room of fit girls doing aerobics dressed in the scantiest of workout attire. Apparently, George Bush nearly fell off his rowing machine while watching this. We've not seen the statistics, but can only assume gym memberships soared while this was in the charts.

Best Bit: To pick a sexiest moment in this video is like picking a favourite child. At gunpoint, it'd be the ladies doing possibly the hottest push- ups in the history of aerobics (1:19)

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